I finally have some time!  Some time to listen to my heart and do things that I have been meaning to do…. I am on a pursuit to find things that are beautiful, and perhaps forgotten about back into light. Things that are here, available to us all, if we could just stop, or at least slow down to recognize that you don’t have to go far to experience new things.  This blog is about the area I live in, the people I am surrounded by, the food we eat, and the love that flows through it all.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Doris Romano

    I take it back…I did read your blog about Brianne and her extensive knowledge of the earth and its natural gifts. I love how you write, Lynn, and I also felt akin to your blog about “yellow wallpaper”. I went through that terrible postpartum anxiety/panic attack episode that lasted for quite some time. Unless you have experienced it, you have no idea how vulnerable you are to whatever hormone decides to wreak havoc upon your defenseless mind and body. For myself, I credit my healing with a new found faith in a higher being, whether it be by his touch or by God’s own healing gifts to the medical field below.
    I so admire your intellect and talents and your willingness to share it all. You are a beautiful combination of maintaining your personal privacy but at the same time giving everyone the gift of your expansive and creative thoughts and ideas. I so wish I had been given just an eighth of the gifts you have been given. You are so blessed my beautiful niece. Carry on!

    1. 27roots Post author

      thank you so much! your kind words mean more to me than I can express with words! They are a great encouragement for me to continue being me and do what I do. What a wonderful gift… that not a lot of people give out… so your appreciation and interest in these little rantings of mine are so so valuable and so so important to me.
      I am so glad that you found what you needed to find, to heal after a difficult time in your life. I think women have an extra gateway of understanding, into places that can be very dark, but powerfully self defining and enlightening at the same time.
      Truly, thank you.


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