2 months….

So it was true, what everybody said… that our lives would be flipped upside down and inside out… sleep has become a long-lost friend that I once knew so well, and the hours of each day seem to pass by so much faster now.  Hard to believe that two months have come and gone since Miles made his arrival into our lives.

Perhaps time seems to disappear so quickly now because of the countless hours spent just staring at him, completely lost in his gaze, wondering a million things to wonder about… what he might be thinking, what his life will be like, the things that I cannot wait to teach him about, the first time he says mom, worrying if he is comfortable, worrying if I’m doing it right…

Tomorrow… I go back to work, and again, I will need to readjust to a new routine. After 30 weeks off… it will be a LONG day I am sure.

These last two months have been precious, spent mostly in my bedroom….singing and rocking a sweet little baby, nursing, sleeping, and dreaming.

Thought I would put together a photo blog of this time, the first two months of Miles’ and our life together… before the reality of a day job comes back into light.

3 thoughts on “2 months….

  1. Jessica

    Good luck at work! And love the pics…I too remember gazing at my son for hours in bed…just being. I wrote a little poem about it in his scrapbook lol. I think you two are doin a great job and am SOOO happy for you! I can’t wait to see you and talk all about it!! Love ya

  2. Aunt Doris

    What beautiful pictures of such a sweet baby! He is truly adorable and so lucky to have such loving parents, grandparents, great grandmother, etc. Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck back at work Lynn. They always say the first day is the worst and then gets a little easier. Love to you all!

  3. Sandra Ham

    Sooo amazing isnt it,the pictures are wonderful to look at ,everyone looks so happy in tbis new world you have,Miles is just Beautiful ,good luck with work and just think ofhow you have even more to be anxious to come home too…:)love you cousin.


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