A day to pass the time…

I thought for sure that I would have had this baby by now and that my next blog would have been my joyous new baby blog…. All of the signs have been there~  for weeks now, it has seemed like it could be happening at any moment… but now, at 39 weeks and two days pregnant, just 5 days away from my official due date… things have just kind of come to a halt….and so we wait.

The anticipation of it is the worse!  Every time I leave the house, I wonder… “what if I’m in line at the grocery store and my water breaks?!”… “what if I go into a quick, hard labor and end up delivering my baby on the side of the road?!”… So, after a few days of slumping around the house, waiting for the impending eve of labor to ensue… we decided that perhaps it would be good to get out of the house for the day and take a mini road trip.

We live less than an hour away from the catskill mountains~ So off we headed for some sunny snow cap mountain views.  We ended up in the small town of Woodstock NY and headed up a windy mountain road to find the Buddhist monastery, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, which sits nestled in the woods, atop the 3 mile high mountain.

We drifted through trees decorated with flowing prayer flags of every color, embellished by the bright snow covered grounds and sunlight…  The silence and stillness of the air seemed more evident there than in any other still place… as if the spiritual energy made it seem more important, more essential to pay attention to.


We sat in the temple for a while, looking at each other, then back to ourselves, trying to NOT think at all, to just feel that moment alone, without the squandering thoughts that usually exist within our minds.


We sipped tea in the communal area of the monastery, overlooking the mountain views, the cascading shadows and the sunlight among the trees…We exchanged smiles with people passing by, and spent some time talking about the love we are so lucky to have found…

And then, a remarkable event occurred… a lady bug (in January!) landed by my side… She climbed upon my hand, down along the ridge of my finger and perched there in the sunlight, fluttering her wings and roaming about in circles.  I felt her soft little insect legs scurry across my skin, and then she flew away.  I felt blessed then.


My husband makes me incredibly happy and I stare at him on special days, during special moments like this with such intense energy that I feel like I could cry.  And I do sometimes.

I love this man with love so intense that I could explode!

I love this man with love so intense that I could explode!

We then headed back down the mountain, into Woodstock, where we had an incredible lunch and roamed the streets (more like, wobbled for me) until the sun went down.

This will probably be my last blog for a little while, as we prepare for our transition into a new life…

4 thoughts on “A day to pass the time…

  1. susanmeekerlowry

    Ladybugs mean good luck – so having one land on you in winter is a very good sign. Love the pictures. Oh – by the way, Colin’s grandfather’s birthday (my father) was January 8.

  2. Bethany

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful stories! Thanks for sharing. Baby will be here soon and you may at some point find yourself longing for the days of being pregnant again:) Enjoy this time!


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