Our last Christmas, just the two of us.

We are only a week or two away from multiplying into a three family unit… the last nine months have been quite slow to pass, but now that I am nearing my 39th week of pregnancy, I feel like things are finally coming to a close and a new chapter of life is about to begin.  So for Christmas this year, we decided that we would spend the day alone, peacefully together, as just the two of us, one last time.

We awoke early to the smell of cinnamon and vanilla (everybody should wake up to this smell everyday, I am sure it would save the world if it were so).  I had prepared a blueberry french toast in my crock pot the night before that had slowly baked through the night…  It was delightful.

As we sat, sipping orange juice, Colin with his mimosa, and eating blueberry french toast, we decided that the day would be spent as follows:  breakfast, open presents, lay in bed, go for walk, take pictures, burn away negativity, pet horses, eat lunch, watch movie, eat dinner, eat desert, snuggle, go to bed… The perfect day.

I had spent some time earlier in the week coming up with a fantastic menu for the day~

Lynn’s Christmas Menu

lunch: Caramelized balsamic onion, thyme and fig goat cheese tartlet with honey medjool dates.         Shrimp Cocktail.

Dinner: seared Tenderloin roast with soy balsamic onions, crispy hen of the Woods mushrooms, brown butter sweet potato, and garlic butter stuffed artichokes.

Dark chocolate tart with whipped cream.

The day turned out to be a special, beautiful day together, one that will be remembered as our last Christmas, just the two of us…

Colin’s mother had sent us a few gifts to open…  I received a lovely blue crystal necklace that I adore, and Colin got this precious custom-made, needle felt gargoyle daddy holding a gargoyle baby (every year, she gives him a gargoyle for Christmas)… He will perch on a shelf above the crib, watching over our little one.

We decided that it was time to take some pregnancy pictures… finally.  After all of the picture-taking we do, we had yet to spend anytime snapping away at my pregnant belly.  So Without further adieu- the following photo collage is filled with “Lynn’s last week of pregnancy” photos.  It was the perfect day for a walk, and we choose a path that runs through the notoriously famous “sleepy hollow” woods that just happen to be near our house.  These are the woods where the story of the headless horsemen, and Ickabod Crane come from.  They definitely do have a spooky, mysterious vibe.

We had prepared a little “burning ceremony” earlier in the morning for our walk.  Each of us wrote down on little pieces of paper, the things that we most want to separate ourselves from, negative things that have or do affect us~  that no longer have a place in our lives.  We stashed them in a tin and headed out into the woods to find a place to burn them away and leave them behind.  On our walk home, we felt a bit lighter.

The horses were happy to see us and to have their soft, velvety noses pet for a few moments before we headed back inside for an afternoon of AMAZING food, our sweet kitties and each other.  I forgot to snap a photo of our desert… so in your mind, at the end of this collage, place a vision of the best chocolaty goodness you can think of and that is what we had for desert.

I put together this photo collage to remember our last Christmas together as just the two of us.  You can view as a scroll-through slide show with captions if you click on any image.

2 thoughts on “Our last Christmas, just the two of us.

  1. Susan Meeker-Lowry

    This is really nice. Love the pictures of you and Colin – you look very beautiful (which you always do), and Colin looks exceptionally handsome (though he always does too). Glad that you love the necklace and, of course, the gargoyle dad & baby. That Oboe is one handsome, gorgeous, precious hunk of puddins love fur for sure. Can’t wait to meet him! Yummy meal too.

  2. Cindy Fuerst

    Lynn, I loved your latest blog. Loved the pictures of you. Need to have a few to frame! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday, or sooner in case this baby decides to come on board a little earlier!!!


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