unexpected afternoon

Today I had an early afternoon appointment, followed by a later obligation to pick my loving husband up from work.  Not knowing how much time I would have in-between, I left the house today unsure exactly what the day would bring. Turns out my appointment took all of 15 minutes… and there I was with nearly 4 hours to kill before I had to pick Colin up from work….  What to do?  Armed with my trusty iPhone and about 15 dollars in cash… I decided to venture around the small city of Troy NY for the afternoon.

I started with a boutique that features local artist’s work.  Some of the most amazing paper cut art I have ever seen!  Pottery, felted jewelry, framed ink drawings, handmade soap… everything that I love.

Next I stumbled upon a bakery… who can pass up a good bakery?  Local, organic food.. yes.  I ordered a three dollar bowl of black bean southwestern soup that came with a big hunk of whole wheat bread.  It was the perfect, spicy “warm me up” for a crisp fall afternoon walk.

Troy is a historical city with amazing victorian style architecture.  The buildings are quite impressive, with such detail and beauty.  I must have taken 100 pictures of where each building meets the blue sky (my favorite view.)

Antique shops, friendly owners, a beatnik vintage record store, conversations with strangers, a cuddly puppy that I spent a few minutes scratching behind the ear, local food, tea, lebanese hummus, old architecture, a riverside view, a vanilla bean cupcake, and trying on a vintage hot pink fur coat with a candy apple red hat… before I knew it, four hours had gone by and it was time to go pick up Colin.

I highly recommend spending an entire afternoon roaming, without a destination, around a near by city that you probably pass through fairly regularly but rarely stop to wander.  You will discover new things.

Here is a collage of my unexpected afternoon. Click on an image to view as a slide show. 

8 thoughts on “unexpected afternoon

  1. reretro

    fantastic images that describe your wandeings…maybe you should find more time to document your surroundings. i particularly like the saturated sky shots.

  2. Brett Van Valkenburg

    Lovely entry. It had a calming effect on me. Questions: 1) Do you have a record player? We used to have one and I loved it, but my ex-roommate took it when she moved out. I’d like to get another one in the future. I love the ambient background noise a phonograph needle on vinyl creates. 2) Is the red ivy crawling over that building real or a painted effect? I love the look of it–good pic.

    1. 27roots Post author

      thanks- it was a lovely day… I do not have a record player, but have been thinking of getting one for a while. My father had one when I was a kid- I remember dancing around the room to “Alabama, Elvira” and it was the best sound ever. There is something really special about the whole vinyl experience.
      ~the red ivy is real- I have noticed it on those downtown buildings for years, it always grows back each year and turns that vibrant burnt orange/red color each fall. It really is beautiful. Someday, when I have a house, I will plant Ivy at the base to grow up and around the house.


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