weekly challenge: “And Now For Something Completely Different”…. telling a story with Animation!

This is a short stop motion animation that my husband and I made together one sunny afternoon while walking ocean side in Acadia national park, Maine.  We lived in this special park for three magical years, but have since moved away.

Throughout those years, we spent most of our free time exploring the beauty of that place.  We didn’t have much distraction, or reason to do much of anything else, rather then to let time allow us to be together… REALLY together…  Surrounded by the ocean, the birds and the whimsical trees there… a community of kind-hearted people, and our ability to experience all of it together, we fell so madly and so deeply in love.

Fast forward a year from then and we are now living in a different place, wonderful for all of its own reasons… But when I look back at the time we spent in Acadia, I have many things to remind me of how lovely it was…. so many photographs that it would take hours to look through them all….  Little keepsakes of ocean stones, drift wood, and nature type things, some precious hand blown glass, a pretty sun dress from the second-hand store in town, our wedding at sea, and two very special kitties that came back to NY with us.

However, it is the series of short animations that we made together while there, that truly take us back to those moments in time.  These little clips of us, being silly, or romantic are the perfect reminders of how special those years were.  Not only do they capture the moments we had together, much like a photograph, but they tell a story in a very unique and personal way.  This little clip, to me, is the “Story of Us” and how we fell in love in such a beautiful place.  Every time I watch it, I feel the reminiscent joy from that period of my life.

So, for this weeks “completely different” challenge, I decided to share an animation. Stop motion is so fun to play with, and anyone can make one of these special little films.  To get started, all you need is an idea, a camera (any camera will do,) a computer, and some basic movie maker type software (your computer comes with it already installed!)

The possibilities are limitless with this creative form of expression. Please share with me if you decide to try a stop motion production!


2 thoughts on “weekly challenge: “And Now For Something Completely Different”…. telling a story with Animation!

  1. Brett Van Valkenburg

    Nice. I love stop-animation films. They’re so quirky. I actually still watch Gumby on those rare Saturday mornings when I wake up early within nothing to do.

    p.s. You probably moved invasive species into NY by bringing those cats here….


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