weekly photo challenge: “Happy”

This weeks photo challenge is just what I need… after a gloomy week of grey sky’s, rain and fog, a miserable head cold that is finally coming to its end, and the political barrage of no good news on the t.v, I am quite relieved to create a blog entitled “Happy” and leave all of the deep, dark, introspective stuff for my next entry…

This is my glorious husband.  He makes me more happy than all happy producing things ever to exist.  Look how happy I look! (it’s because of him, I guarantee it)  It’s Friday and we have the weekend to be together… this makes me oh so happy.

This is Oboe, my cat. He makes me happy, especially when his two front paws line up just so, to create a perfect heart.  I believe that this is his way of letting me know that he is happy too.

food… food makes me happy. I made a red wine beef stew with these ingredients… and it was a happy feast.

My friends make me happy.  Thats what friends are for.

puppies and kitties!

Animals and green grass, and the blue sky’s of New England make me happy… REALLY happy!


When my brother-in-law throws his happy little girl up into the air, it makes me happy.


The great state of Maine, and the magical island of Mount Desert make me happy.

Every time I open my refrigerator,  It makes me happy… friends, family, kitties, and cute little magnets make me happy.

My Avery Cakes

Watching my happy nephew eat an ice cream cone makes me happy.

the future makes me happy when I see this picture of this little person. Only three months to go… then I can take my own pictures of him.. for now, his little bumps and kicks in my belly make me happy.

Honorable mentions…. (sorry, I’m a bit of a cat lady)

Toast, a sleepy kitty that is known for his ability to make others happy.

Holiday, a wild kitty that likes to smell flowers, also known to make others happy.

pizza makes me happy. Watching my husband eat it also makes me happy.

the Ocean makes me happy

The happiness of loved ones, makes me happy!

the redwood trees in CA make me happy.

camping makes me happy.

my 93 year old grandmother makes me happy!

14 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: “Happy”

  1. Aunt Doris

    Wonderful! When I got to the bump:), my eyes filled with tears and then again when you added grandma to your happy list. Only shes 93, not 96 but thats ok because Lord willing she will get there and beyond! I love the idea of sharing happy thoughts instead of doom and gloom!

    1. 27roots Post author

      thanks! Every week, wordpress gives out a writing/photo challenge, and this week it was “happy” – it was just what I needed to remind me how many wonderful things I have to be grateful for.

  2. susanmeekerlowry

    Your latest blog makes me happy! I’m actually bawling my eyes out right now because I came downstairs thinking I’d post on FB “No one knows what it’s like living with a brain injured person, esp. one who presents herself well for short visits, except for someone living with a brain injured person”. And feeling sorry for myself despite having had a wonderful, and very happy, day. Every night at between 6:00 and 6:30 it seems MJ decides to say something she knows will upset me, esp. since I gave my notice, and now have worked my last day, at Morning Dew. I have come to an action I hope will resolve it (thanks to some flower essences I’m taking), but I was still feeling upset. Then I read this and it just fed my heart and reminded me of all the things I have to be happy about, which includes you and Colin and the baby to come, and I can’t wait to see Oboe make that heart – how incredible is that! – and meet Toast. Thank you for this!

    1. 27roots Post author

      I’s so glad that this post came just in time for you to brighten up a bad moment in your evening! Its funny because I also had a few moments of frustration today- the head cold, the new aches and pains of the pregnancy, the problems of the world… and then I read the challenge for the week and decided to do it. After collecting my photos and organizing them onto the blog, sitting back and seeing them all laid out here in front of me… it made me realize how much I do have to be grateful for… and then I became happy!


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